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Reading in March

Une mort très douce by Simone de Beauvoir

Reading suggestions from the book club

Selection of books on French literature. You are going to love adding these books to your bookshelf.

Book summary: Mateo Falcone

Published in 1829 by Prosper Mérimée, Mateo Falcone is a short story that contains all the elements of a tragedy. Despite its brevity, Mateo Falcone provides a detailed and intimate portrayal of a Corsican family, giving readers insight into their unique values, customs, and way of life. Find out more by reading the summary in this article.

5 French historical novels: 1900-1945

5 french historical novels year 1900 to 1945

Reading historical novels can offer readers an immersive experience that takes them on a journey through different cultures and time periods. For French learners seeking a more social and interactive experience, book clubs can provide an ideal environment for exploring literature and sharing reading experiences.

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