Books of Gustave Flaubert in order

Books of Gustave Flaubert in order

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Gustave Flaubert was considered to be the representative of the Realists during his lifetime. He was also a close friend and mentor to the renowned French writer Guy de Maupassant.

Gustave Flaubert, a romantic writer, is revealed through Madame Bovary, whose publication was controversial. He introduced an innovative style that overturned the codes of novel writing in the 19th century.

All Gustave Flaubert Books in Order

Below is a complete list of Gustave Flaubert’s works. The books are arranged in chronological order:

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Un parfum à sentir – 1836

La peste à Florence – 1836

Rêve d’enfer – 1837

Quidquid volueris – 1837

La Danse des morts – 1838

Memoirs of a madman (Mémoires d’un fou) – 1838

Smarh – 1839

Madame Bovary – 1857 

Salammbô – 1862

Sentimental education (L’éducation sentimentale) – 1869

Le Candidat  – 1874

The temptation of Saint Anthony (La Tentation de saint Antoine) – 1874

Three tales (Trois contes : Un cœur simple, La Légende de saint Julien l’Hospitalier, Hérodias) – 1874

Le Château des cœurs – 1880

Bouvard et Pécuchet – 1881

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