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The book of the month of November 2022 is Le collier rouge by Jean-Christophe Rufin. To join the book club next month sign up now!

Le collier rouge

Le collier rouge

In this short novel inspired by a true story, you will discover why a former “poilu“ war hero Jacques Morlac is taken as a prisoner. Judge Hugues Lantier must determine his share of responsibility. The story takes place in 1919 in Berry, France. You will also meet Guillaume, Morlac’s dog, a war-scarred animal who awaits his master at the foot of the prison. He also played a decisive role in what happened to his master.

This is also a great novel about fidelity. Being loyal to friends, fighting for those we love, is a quality we share with beasts. Isn’t the characteristic of the human being to go beyond and also to be able to recognize the brother in the one who fights you?