La Main gauche et autres nouvelles by Guy de Maupassant

March 20, 2022 by Mylene in Reading

la main gauche guy de maupassant

La main gauche et autres nouvelles: My pick for the month of April

The book of the month of April 2022 is La main gauche et autres nouvelles by Guy de Maupassant. To join the Book Club next month sign up now!

Here’s my intro:

This collection contains eleven perfectly crafted short stories. The construction of the brilliant and formidably effective texts with Maupassant at the peak of his art. Discover Maupassant speaking about love and voluptuousness and crunching with sarcasm and tenderness the small and large baseness which govern the relations between the two sexes. It is above all a question here of women and of all the sorts of feelings that they inspire in men.”

Let yourself be tempted and join us to discuss it!

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