Annie Ernaux's La Place

March 15, 2021 by Mylene in Reading

la place annie ernaux

La Place: My April Pick

The book of the month of April is La place by Annie Ernaux. The book’s title in English is A Man’s Place. To join the Book Club next month sign up now!

Here is my intro:

“The author tells the story of her father’s life after his recent death. She delves into the origins of her parents, of her grandparents. The author tells stories about her childhood, the discovery of a new world that her parents did not know, and the distance which appears little by little between them. This family lived over 3 generations the social rise as it was dreamed of in the 20th century. But this rise increase separation within the family.

A short story that is easy to read and that questions. But also a disturbing cold story. It’s a realistic text, the descriptions are short and easy to understand. It’s a great first book to read in French.

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