Marius by Marcel Pagnol

June 17, 2022 by Mylene in Reading

Marius by Marcel Pagnol

Marius: My pick for the month of July

The book of the month of July 2022 is Marius by Marcel Pagnol. To join the Book Club next month sign up now!

Here’s my intro:

“Published in 1929 Marius is one of the most famous plays in the French repertoire. It’s a banal story: a young man torn between his desires to travel and his love for a little shellfish seller. But it is this duality that stirs their neighborhood of the old port of Marseille. A joyous drama is played out with its characters that are both excessive and so true. This book promises you laughter and tears. This text that we could to describe as biblical simplicity contains within it a bouquet of emotions.”

Discover this text of a timeless modernity and join us to discuss it!

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