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Mateo Falcone

Mateo Falcone (Матео Фальконе in Cyrillic; Mateo Fal’kone in transliteration) is a one-act opera composed by César Cui during 1906-1907. (Actually, Cui designated the genre of this work as “dramatic scene.”) The libretto was adapted by the composer from Prosper Merimée’s like-named story from 1829 and Vasily Zhukovsky’s verse rendering thereof. It was premiered on 14 December 1907 (Old Style), at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow (the work was given along with the composer’s early one-act comic opera, The Mandarin’s Son). The premiere production of Mateo was a failure; the work never became part of the standard operatic repertoire in Russia, and seems never to have been performed again.

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