Books of Romain Gary in order

Books of Romain Gary in order

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Romain Gary, who caught the attention of literary enthusiasts, is a master of the pseudonym. With multiple nom de plumes, this author has published several great novels, which allowed him to win multiple awards. Thanks to his numerous identities, Romain Gary is the only French writer who has won the Goncourt Prize twice. The author has published books under multiple pseudonyms like, Emile Ajar, Fosco Sinibaldi, or Shatan Boga. Early in his career, he published under the name Roman Kacew.

Gary has crafted masterpieces under multiple pseudonyms. Each book is an unforgettable journey into the unknown, crafted with unparalleled literary flair. Below, you will find the chronological order of Romain Gary’s writings.

The Storm (L’Orage)- 1935

Une petite femme – 1935

Le Vin des morts – 1937

Géographie humaine – 1943

Forest of Anger (Éducation européenne) – 1945

Tulipe – 1946

Sergent Gnama – 1946

The Company of Men (Le Grand Vestiaire) – 1949

The Colors of the Day (Les Couleurs du jour) – 1952

The Roots of Heaven (Les Racines du ciel) – 1956

L’Homme à la colombe – 1958

Promise at Dawn (La Promesse de l’aube) – 1960

Johnnie cœur – 1961

Gloire à nos illustres pionniers – 1962

Lady L.- 1963

The Ski Bum (Adieu Gary Cooper) – 1965

Pour Sganarelle (Frère Océan 1) – 1965

The Talent Scout (Les Mangeurs d’étoiles) – 1966

The Dance of Genghis Cohn (La Danse de Gengis Cohn – Frère Océan 2) – 1967

Dix ans après ou la plus vieille histoire du monde – 1967

The Guilty Head (La Tête coupable – Frère Océan 3) – 1968

White Dog (Chien blanc) – 1970

Le Grec – 1970

À bout de souffle – 1970

Les Trésors de la mer Rouge – 1971

Europa – 1972

The Enchanters (Les Enchanteurs) – 1973

La nuit sera calme – 1974

Les Têtes de Stéphanie – 1974

Gros-Câlin – 1974

The Life Before Us (La Vie devant soi) – 1975

Your Ticket Is No Longer Valid (Au-delà de cette limite votre ticket n’est plus valable) – 1975

Les oiseaux vont mourir au Pérou – 1975

Hocus Bogus (Pseudo) – 1976

Clair de femme – 1977

The Gasp (Charge d’âme) – 1977

La Bonne Moitié  – 1979

King Solomon (L’Angoisse du roi Salomon) – 1979

Les Clowns lyriques – 1979

The Kites (Les Cerfs-volants) – 1980

Life and Death of Émile Ajar (Vie et mort d’Émile Ajar) – 1981

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